61 deadjournal codes

I haven't been around lately but I have accumulated 61 deadjournal codes. I probably have more but those are the ones that I have for now. So leave an email address and I'll send one your way. Comments are screened so you don't have to worry about your email.

DJ + LoJo codes!

I got tons of Deadjournal code and one Lostjournal code. Comment with a working email address if you want one.
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(no subject)

I am in charge of making a the layout for a community and I’ve done all the images and for the first time I used a image map header. But then something happened. I should have image headers in the sidebar and I should have a header but I don’t. I think there’s something in the code preventing the images from showing up but honestly I have no idea. If someone could please help me correct the problem? Thank you in advance and thank you for your time.

PS. What i mean by having header in the sidebar is something like this:
See where it says "Navigation" and "Hiatus List" etc. That's what I'm missing from the layout.

So me...

I need help!

Im making a custom style.

I have everything pretty much done. Except one thing.

And that is the music display.

I type in the current music I'm listening to and it uses the text I have for my mood.

I am using the indented style for my theme.

Can someone please help me?

My contact info is on my userinfo page. Any help is appreciated!
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Coruscant Layout Request

Can someone please make me a Coruscant(from Star Wars, if you need them, I'll try and get pictures) themed layout? Please, please, please?
Like Coruscant at night would be amazing or just Coruscant in general :D I don't know how do make layouts and I would be so thankful to anyone who could help me.

My e-mail is hula_monkey360@yahoo.com, so if someone could please e-mail me and we could talk about colors and codes and stuff, that would be amazing. Thank you guys for listening to this and thanks to anyone who is willing to help me :)

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Magic/Dragon Ball

four dead journals

new here, and i have a few dead journals up for grabs. Yes fans will be pleased with one of these. please, don't ask me for these journals just because you might think they have a cool name. i would really appreciate it if you would actually write it in. so many times i've tried to make journals with certain names only to find the journal was already been taken by someone who either deleted it promptly afterwards or just didn't use it anymore. it's really annoying. i'm sure you'll agree.

ballerinaporn (i thought it would be a cute name fer all you girlies)
h2g2 (all you hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy fans :P)

thanks and have a great day everyone! leave a comment with your email address if you want any of these journals.